In Campus Recruitment – Great Giant Pineapple

The GREAT GIANT PINEAPPLE COMPANY (GGP) is the world’s LARGEST integrated pineapple plantation and canning factory. From our 32,000 hectares plantation located in Lampung Tengah, Great Giant Pineapple supplies over 20% of the world’s total demand for canned pineapple. Our processed fruit is exported to over 50 countries in Europe, The Americas and Asia Pacific and Middle East.

When it comes to labor-intensive crops, few are more DEMANDING than the planting and harvesting of pineapple. Our Research Department has led the way to a higher yield and better quality products. With work force of more than 10,000 people, GGP has created a community that combines personal incentive with enhanced quality of life. We are a company that CREATES VALUE for its customers and VALUES THE CREATIVITY of its people.

If you are challenged by revolutionary ways to INCREASE YIELD of agriculture produce and you are committed to attain the PERFECT BALANCE between human needs, ENVIRONMENTAL concerns and COMMERCIAL GOALS, you could be our future Management Trainee.

If you are a graduate of Program Studi:
Teknologi Pengolahan Pangan, Teknik Industri Pertanian, D3/S1 ACCOUNTING, D3/S1 Teknik Mesin, D3/S1 Teknik LISTRIK, D3/S1 Agronomi & Horticultura, D3/S1 Ilmu Tanah dan Sumber Daya Lahan, Teknik Mesin & BioSystem, Hama & Penyakit Tanaman, Statistik, Peternakan, Dr Hewan

and possess the following criteria:
– GPA min. 2.8 and Excellent in your Functional Skills
– Pro-active & Hard Worker, Effective Communication
– Good Logic and Analytical Thinking
– Love Team Challenges and Outdoor excitement
– Passion for Continuous Personal Development

Please submit your Curriculum Vitae supported with proper contact address and a copy of your Transcript and Certificate (Ijazah Terakhir) to the following email address: or or hardcopy could be posted directly to

Gd. Andi Hakim Nasoetion Lt. 1, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor

SEPT. 2, 2013
Visit our web at


Great Giant Pineapple dan Divisi AgriGroup kami mempunyai lowongan bagi lulusan IPB yang INGIN BERKARYA DAN BERSEDIA DITEMPATKAN DIDAERAH (Khususnya Sumatera) dari Jurusan sbb:

1. Teknologi Pangan
2. Teknik Mesin & Biosystem
3. Ilmu Tanah & Sumber Daya Lahan
4. Agronomi & Hortikultura
5. Hama & Penyakit Tanaman
6. MicroBiology
7. Statistics
8. Dr Hewan
9. Peternakan (bila memungkinkan, khusus Sapi)
10. Accounting

Bagi yang berminat bisa mengirimkan lamaran dan dikirimkan ke :

Gd. Andi Hakim Nasoetion Lt. 1, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor

Psikotest akan dilaksanakan pada saat Studium General 2 September 2013 di Auditorium Andi Hakim Nasoetion


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