Info Lowongan Kerja – Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development

A. Executive Director for IBCSD
(Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development)

1. To provide leadership and implement strategic vision and from the direction of Board of Committee to the organization in accordance with IBCSD values and purpose.
2. To be responsible for the management and administration of IBCSD Organization and Secretariat and work with the board of committee.
3. Ensure that IBCSD plays a key role in developing sustainable development programme and makes the best possible contribution to the organization’s objectives.

1. Implement vision, mission, strategic objectives and priorities for the organization in line with member’s view, develop and nurture its philosophy and core values.
2. Ensure that there is a common understanding among staff, officers, consultant and other key stakeholders of the organization’s vision, mission, strategic objectives and priorities.
3. Provide leadership and inspiration to staff, officers, consultant and work with senior management to ensure a common vision and sense of purpose at every level.
4. Ensure that staffs, officers, consultant at all levels are focused on achieving the objectives of the organization and operate at all times in accordance with the organization’s core values.
5. Develop and foster an organizational culture that attracts, retains and motivates staff, officers, consultant, and in which individuals constantly seek to learn and to improve their own performance and the performance of the organization as a whole.

Implement Strategic Development
1. Develop Implementing strategy for the organization within the core values and objects.
2. Monitor, review and as necessary amend the strategy on a regular basis in response to the external relation
3. Monitor and review the external relation for changes and developments that may affect the organization and in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Governance and relationship to the Board
1. Ensure that the organization fulfils all its legal statutory and regulatory responsibilities
2. Ensure that the Board of Committee is kept informed of developments
3. Ensure that the Board of Committee is informed of any activities that might have legal implications for the Board or for individual board members.
4. Take responsibility for the overall financial performance of the organization and ensure that appropriate financial and auditing systems are in place.
5. Provide the Board with regular reports as to the status of the organization and progress against agreed plans, strategic objectives and board policies.
6. Ensure that the organization has a governance structure appropriate to its size, objectives and mode of operation, which protects it from unnecessary risk and is in accordance with Greenpeace International guidance and norms.
7. Ensure that the Board receives sufficient and timely information and advice to be able to make informed decisions, and that where board decisions are required these are clearly identified.
8. Hold Annual Meetings with all Members to discuss openly problems and progress, agree expectations, plan the programme and prepare for meetings with the full Board.

1. Exert overall control of all aspects of the operation of the organization including the implementation and evaluation of its overall strategies and polices, its campaign, financial, marketing, communications and administrative programmes.
2. Ensure that the organization’s plans and policies are relevant, fair and consistently implemented and accord with our core values.
3. Ensure that proper financial controls and practices are adhered to at all times.
4. Ensure that appropriate annual business and organizational plans are developed, agreed and implemented.
5. Identify relevant methods for monitoring the performance of the organization and report to the board on performance against approved business, financial and operational plans.
6. Take ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the operation of IBCSD Organizations and Secretariat France including the implementation and evaluation of its strategies, policies and programmes.
7. Participate in international meetings and discussions with colleagues from other stakeholders as appropriate.

1. Ensure that management structure and systems are appropriate to meet the organization’s objectives and enable staff to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.
2. Ensure that management policies and decisions are in line with the agreed strategic direction, priorities and core values of the organization.
3. Ensure that the recruitment, management, training and development of staff and volunteers are in line with good employment practice and directed towards achieving the organization’s objectives.

1. Foster good communications within the organization, ensuring quality information flow to the Member and Board of Director.
2. To develop the organization’s public profile and foster appropriate and productive relations with for instance other non-governmental organizations, media organizations, and government, statutory and private bodies.
3. Represent the organization and act as a spokesperson at public functions, meetings and to the media.


1. A post graduate qualification in the field of international development and the social sciences or related subjects is essential;
2. Minimum of 5 years working experience in managerial level or 10 years general working experience
3. Minimum experience of 3 (three) years experience in a leading organization or department related to busines development or sustainable development.

Skills and Qualities
1. Commitment to positive direct action as a tool to achieve campaign objectives, and to co-ordinate international action.
2. Ability to lead and inspire others, and to bring together individuals with strong personal commitment and often divergent opinions.
3. High intellectual abilities; sound analytical and judgmental skills, and an ability to identify problems, assess options and make timely decisions.
4. Ability to develop courageous, bold and visionary objectives and far sighted strategic plans.
5. Ability to translate strategic plans into reality and ensure delivery and performance.
6. Ability to present an argument coherently and persuasively and negotiate effectively
7. Flexibility and ability to manage rapidly changing situations decisively and effectively.

Management Experience
1. A successful track record of management at senior executive level, in a substantial, complex organization, in either the non-governmental, commercial or public sector.
2. Direct experience of developing strategic plans and long term financial and business policies.
3. Demonstrable success in managing organizational change and its consequences.
4. Experience of managing strong willed, committed individuals in a values-based organization.
5. Experience in assessing competing priorities and allocating resources.[Essential]
6. Experience of board level relations and knowledge of governance in the non-governmental sector.
7. Management experience in a range of disciplines including (some or all of) operations, marketing, finance, human resources , IT, campaigning, media, fund-raising and investigations.

B. Technical Officer

will provide administrative and technical support to the Secretariat of IBCSD.

1. Liaise with the relevant sectoral bodies and authorities, chambers of commerce and industries, business councils, and private-sector.
2. Propose and implement coherent and integrated programmes and activities to boost cooperation with all relevant public-private stakeholders.
3. Coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of programmes.
4. Provide administrative support with respect to the implementation of programmes and projects within the functional areas of responsibilities.


1. Minimum university degree in Management, Public Administration, Social Science or other relevant field and Postgraduate degree in Economics, Management will be an advantage
2. (4) years of relevant work experience in technical role, research and technical skills in the relevant area and ability to acquire them.
3. Proven skills in problem solving in a complex organizational environment and
4. Demonstrated ability to develop, implement, monitor and work planning.
5. Demonstrated ability to plan and organize tasks and work flows, with proven ability for accuracy under pressure and adherence to
6. Very good oral and written communication skills
7. Interpersonal skills, including experience in cross-cultural environment
8. Demonstrated commitment to working relationships with stakeholders.
9. Competency in computer skills with adequate collaborative work practices.
10. knowledge of Microsoft Office and Outlook where relevant to the position.
11. Sound command of English, written and spoken.
12. Help maintain productive working relationships with Governments, Non-Governmental Institutions and other project partners;
13. Facilitate the coordination and collaboration between IBCSD and other relevant agencies on activities related to the project.

General qualifications:
1. Computer literacy and proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office tools
2. ability to multi-task, work long and irregular hours, and perform tasks outside the usual job scope
3. ability to function effectively, independently and as part of a team
4. a willingness to travel frequently on short notice.

Please send your application to together with detailed CV with recent photograph. Please indicate on the email’s subject: Technical Officer.

Application is closed by February, 17th 2013.